I recently got my first anon otherkin “get help” ask.

Thank you for your validation, Anon.

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You know, it’s funny. I made what was probably the kindest, most civil and understanding response to this post. You can see it here, if you don’t believe me: https://ghrianleon.tumblr.com/post/175658259804/otherkin-is-not-lgbt

And I was still blocked by the OP without a single response.

I don’t think that people who say these things want any discussion. I think their goal is to start arguments, and silence anyone who tries to actually show reason and sense. I haven’t been on tumblr long, but I have seen a lot of moral posturing disguised as productive discourse. It’s disgusting to me, as a bisexual, that these people are using social justice as a vehicle for plain old rudeness. If you want to make fun of us, just do that. Don’t dress it up behind LGBTQ rights. This is concern-trolling and nothing but. That anyone would use a minority group as a smokescreen for this is childish and inappropriate.

Next time you wonder why otherkin aren’t polite to you all the time, remember things like this. Remember that no matter how nice and patient we are, we know that most of you are more concerned with your public images, and being know-it-alls, than being truthful or fair.

Over the last 20+ years I have learned this:

People who come into our communities with statements like
 “I’m genuinely curious”
 “I’m not here to offend”
 “I want to understand this”
And statements like these, over 95% of the time are trying to disarm you to maximize their trolling.   I may sound jaded but this is experience speaking from over a decade of being part and running my own otherkin communities.

The people who are misrepresenting our community by claiming to be part of it and representing it, are the same deal without the effort of getting into the community in the first place.  Remember folks, anyone can post anything and put it in whatever tag they feel like.  None of these people are interested in an actual debate or discourse about these issues, they just want to smack bees nests without getting stung.

Almost noone is going to come to us with the intention of listening to us explain what we are and how and why we exist, and have an open mind in doing so.   Humans have an innate need to see themselves as above other humans, so they come to communities like ours to “people watch”, which is to say, see people they can justify to themselves are “not as good” as they are.  They are going to troll you, to try to break you down with the same tired arguments which have been answered for decades, to call you crazy, deluded, to tell you to “get help”, etc.   Its all for their own self-esteem because they haven’t dragged themselves out of their basements yet and made something, anything of their own lives.  There are extremely rare exceptions but good luck finding them amongst the trash.

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PLEASE remember to be cautious of fireworks today as they can frighten local werewolves away and/or cause harm to their hearing! 

Be courteous of stray werewolves in your area, and be sure to check with the local authorities and neighbors to make sure you live in a werewolf-free environment before setting fireworks off!

This goes doubly for werefoxes, we have more of a fight or flight reflex.   I had to hide in the basement for most the night.

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Thought for the Day






There is no verb form of “kin”. You cannot “kin with something”, and “kinning” is not a thing.

The question of whether or not it’s “okay to kin with that” should never even be asked, because it’s not possible to “kin with that” in the first place. You either are a thing or you are not. It is involuntary. Ask instead (at all times) whether or not your words and actions at any given moment may be harmful to anyone else.

Otherkin is who and what we are, not something we do. It is not an action because it is not a choice.

And if you are “kin with” something that means you are their relative. I am not “kin with” dragons. I am a dragon. I am kin with my cousin.

eat my shit susan. i hope you get curb stomped

How very eloquent. You have a real gift. Rarely have I seen such marvelous command of the English language, such clever and creative prose.

How can I possibly disagree after you’ve so thoroughly proven your point? Truly I have seen the error of my ways.

You don’t at all sound like an angry Tumblrkin with no argument at all who stoops to ham handed personal attacks because you’re enraged at being called out for something you know is true. Well done.

Now if anyone has anything intelligent to say I’d be happy to have an actual discussion about the topic. I’d DM this person if they hadn’t blocked me to avoid hearing my response.

I haven’t been a part of otherkin communities for a long time. (Much suppression on my part.) What I’ve seen on tumblr so far has me really dumbfounded. Do real gatherings and conversations happen anymore?

Yes. You just have to know where to look. There’s a list of good blogs in my FAQ somewhere or other. I think it’s in the otherkin masterpost.

Can I just get down with the OP @dovewithscales for a moment and say as someone who has been kin for over 20 years that…


These people who think you see something and then “kin with it” have absolutely no idea what being otherkin is.  You are born otherkin, it is something that is a life affector, not a life choice.   The process of discovering what you are is part of a life path, and very often its one you instinctually know you’re on before you even know there is a word for it.

I am not saying its impossible that you can’t become otherkin during your life, but this whole thing about “kinning with X” is outside the definition of otherkin.  You will feel your kintype from within, not get it from an external source.  What you are is part of you, it can’t choose you and you can’t choose it, you can only discover it as a part of what you are.

TL;DR Tumblr/Internet PLEASE stop equating “otherkin” with “permission to take on X identity as a persona”.  You aren’t getting it.  If you really feel you “identify as something”, then take the time to stop and figure out why, and when you have, THEN come out as otherkin.   You owe this introspection mostly to yourself, to thine own self be true, if not to anyone else.

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The fae do not conform to the stereotypes humanity has given them.

Those who say “The fae are all beautiful and cute”, are wrong.  Just as the ones who say “we are all hideous and malevolent creatures”.   Those who say “The fae cannot lie,” are wrong, just as the ones who say “The fae always lie”.  Those who say “The fae want to kill you” are wrong, just as the ones who say “The fae want to keep you safe” are.  There is no “One fae way”, and looking for it is folly.

The fae are even more varied than humanity in how we interact, what feelings we have towards humanity and nature.  For we are the spirits of nature.  We can sense who are our allies and who are our destroyers.  It is hard for humans to understand us, and sometimes they feel there is deceit involved in our ways, but there isn’t.   However if you want to know if there is a secret to understanding our ways, know that the closer you are to nature, the easier it will be.

There are fae that are cute and tiny and live in your flowers.  Just as there are fae that will tower over your castles.   A “cute” and stereotypical fae may be more malevolent than you can imagine, and the old hags may save your life.   Judging us on appearance will work against you always.

There are some blogs that ignore my asks and stopped posting in the fae tags because they know I am here.  Because they want fae their way and don’t care about what is real.   They want their take on fae to be real.  But I suppose if you just want a space where things conform to your reality, go off I guess.

But for everyone else, know that we do not conform to your reality.  The moment you think you know us is the moment you find out you don’t, that there is so much more to know, and the fae will never fit into one of your boxes.

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I guess before Pride Month is over I should post some bisexual art.  Of myself.

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While I was considering ways to try to filter through people coming to the servers and channels I run, I came to an interesting idea that I think works and I do want to share it.

Part of an intro should be a single life experience that one attributes to otherkin or therianthropy, or an instinctual response to a kin/therian situation that indicates one responds to it differently than a human would.

I will give a prime example that applies to myself.

When most humans think of a hen house and chicken coop, will think about raising chickens and collecting eggs.

When I think about it, I think about going in there and coming out with a chicken’s neck in my mouth.  

I don’t DO it, because, I know i’m physically human and it won’t turn out the same way it would if I were physically a fox, but my mind, goes there first.

In my minds eye I see myself as a fox, doing fox things, It is extra effort for me to do things the ‘human accepted way’ and there are many mental constructs I have for translating my first instinct to a proper human action.  However I manage to do so anyway and fit myself into this human life.

It is examples like these that I think provides some evidence of a ‘difference’ between the human and therian/otherkin mind.

And TL;DR: in the future when people join my therian or otherkin communities, I will be asking for this, just one situation in ones life that one can attribute to therian or otherkin nature.   I don’t think it is too much to ask, and I don’t think the trolls can do it, or will do it because its a tantamount admission to something they are trying to troll. 

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Its mermay and its time.   Me in merfox form.

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I don’t see how it’s weird to believe in past lives. Or that past lives can influence the person you are today. And if past lives are a thing, the possibility that you have past lives where you weren’t human just seems kinda like the more likely option? I know there’s other ways but I don’t quite understand psychological otherkin so I can’t comment on that?


Because it’s not a “normal” understanding of past life beliefs, therefore it’s too weird and wrong. People react to things they don’t understand with fear or anger a lot. Alternatively, they get a little overeager in their protectiveness by thinking one or two particular religions are the complete authority on past lives of any kind because they happen to share a basic concept.


The generally accepted ideas about reincarnation are just weird to me.   We can see the great number of ways in which nature operates in cycles, whether its the life cycle, the water cycle, the solar and lunar cycle as well as the seasons. 

We know that energy can become matter and vice versa, we know that neither matter nor energy is created or destroyed, and we generally consider these to be physical laws of nature.   

And yet we believe that our spirits and/or souls are somehow above these cycles and rules.  Most religions on Earth believe in single life existence, and the ones that believe in reincarnation seem to append strict sets of rules to it.  Some say humans only reincarnate as humans, others say you can only reincarnate into a greater life form..  Which begs questions, like “why”, and “what defines a higher lifeform”?   Most of the rules (for most religions actually) are anthrocentric.  

I personally believe you can reincarnate into anything that has ever existed or will exist at any time it may come to exist or has come to exist.  You could even be the first of a kind of being being incarnated for the first time, thus creating the thing you are being incarnated as.   For example, there has to be the first dogs, cats, foxes, dragons, etc.  And there is no specific “forward movement” into “higher beings” because the mulitverse isn’t taking measurements of what is is lesser and greater.

Most of the ideas about reincarnation and even the afterlife in general, are highly anthrocentric, and in some cases, culture-centric.  What does this mean?   It means these ideas have been formed under the presumption that humanity is the baseline and center of existence, that humans have some kind of superiority over all other animals on Earth, to even the multiverse.  I do not believe this is true.  And I do not think the multiverse does either.

Logical and observational evidence says all the matter that makes up ‘us’ has been part of many other things over the course of the life of the multiverse, so why does humanity believe their spirit/soul is somehow different?  While I believe a spirit has a certain ‘nature’ that draws it towards being oriented with a certain thing (such as a human, a fox, a pony, etc..) possibly resulting from frequent reincarnation as that thing through familiarity, that there is actually nothing stopping that spirit from becoming something else in another life, with everything meaningful that comes with it.

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I see people complaining about tumblrkin, and how we need to “get rid of the bad members of our community”, but I rarely see these fabled beings. Are they real, or just glorified strawmen?


They are very real, but they’re in no way ‘bad members’ or malicious. They’re misinformed, perhaps a bit naïve, and, more often than not, new to the community. Fluffy ‘kin deserve all the same respect and decency with which you would treat any other person. But we also owe it to the rest of the community to give them a kind (if sometimes stern) explanation of what they might’ve misunderstood about otherkinity and how this all works.

Pushing people away from perhaps the only community they can fully relate to helps absolutely no one, but neither does ignoring fluff. It’s about finding the balance between acceptance and education.

I would have to say that it is actually a mix of trolls being so prevalent on tumblr (making thousands of kin blogs with designer genders and pronouns and dozens of kintypes) that they are defining otherkin for a generation, and then the legit kin out there who see only these examples on tumblr and running with it.   It’s making being otherkin very difficult right now.

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