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Dear Otherkin, (now a rant)


So let me get this straight.

So are otherkin the ones that can be anything with a soul, like a wolf or a fairy? Or is that Therians that are the ones that can be robots or anything that either has a soul or doesn’t have a soul?

So what exactly makes you realize you are an Otherkin or a Therian? Did you watch twilight and decide:

“Oh my god, Jessica, that is me. Like I belong with Jacob in that wolf pack. Like, I would so bite the head of a bird for fun.”

And what’s up with you wolf people are wolfkin or whatever wearing collars. Real wolves don’t wear collars, so wouldn’t it be more accurate to call yourself a dog?

 And tails, REALLY?!

And if you truly believe you are actually an animal, what happens if you date a human?Like, you are not half animal or anything, you are full on an animal?that’s technically beastiality and or zoophilia.

What happens if you’re ‘human form’ is vegan or vegetarian and then your ‘otherkin form’ wants to eat that dead rat you found on the side of the road? Do you just blame it on your ‘otherkin’ and go on with your day, like:

“Tifanny did you seriously just eat a dead rat? Aren’t you on a vegan diet?”

“Krystal it wasn’t me, it was my inner wolf.”

So like if you are a lizard kin and meet an owl kin, does the owl actually have to kill you? If so, can you just tell the police it was your otherkin’s fault?

“Ms. Amber, you are under arrest for the murder of Luna.”

“But officer I didn’t mean to do it, she was a lizard and my owl just couldn’t help it.”

Feel free to blow up my inbox because I will surely prove to you that I make a valid point in all my questions. 

Edit: So I just found out about the phantom limb theory. So you are telling me that a nonexistent physical feature is making you an otherkin. 

So if you are having back pain, and you believe you are angel kin, do you blame it on your fake wings or do you blame it on the fact you are slouching in your desk chair while typing thing on tumblr like

I miss the smell of nature, I miss when I could feel my fur blowing in the wind. I miss when I was in my normal form.

Also, you can not have a genetic mutation that makes you an animal or a fairy or whatever you think you are. The only thing wrong with you is that you can’t get it through your thick skull that you are human and nothing else

Edit 2: yeah yeah, whatever. I want you to know, everybody has canine teeth, so you aren’t a wolf. if you have hot breath, it doesn’t mean you are a dragon or a phoenix, it just means you are breathing really heavily. 

I think you guys need to grow up a bit more, you can not be an animal, even if you spiritually think so. Just because you have a dream about a fox, doesn’t mean you truly are a fox, it just means your mind doesn’t want to or isn’t ready to deal with the real world and can’t comprehend the idea you are only human.


If you can walk on two legs naturally, you are a homosapien, a bipedal creature,  a human being, a creature who can think. Because of this, your mind is making you believe you are something beyond what you truly are, because it is trying to protect you from the real world, the true fact that some day you will die, or that you are merely a human being who can’t protect themself naturally against nature, and you just want to believe you are something more and that you aren’t just a regular human.

At this point I have done a lot of research. For you otherkin who believe you are a creature that is either extinct or doesn’t exist, that is your mind being over-active, creating something that makes you think you are different. We know that Unicorns and Dragons don’t exist, so we have no clear vision of what they could actaully look like. For dragons, we only have mythology from Europe and China, again mythology. A myth, which literally means it is fake, just a story, not real. Same thing with fairies and goblins, they are merely just things we made up to either give us an idea of how the world came to be or so our kids didn’t do stupid things.

And for you who are people who believe that you are a real animal like a dog or a snake or an owl, here we go.

Like I hinted to before, the human brain is an amazing thing. It can withhold information to protect us, and even provide us with false information for our well-being. Even better, it can recongize things based off of smells or pictures and colors. It truly is an amazing tool that makes us humans truly amazing. 

It is also extremely dangerous because of this, it can make us believe false things, like us being an animal like a wolf, fox, etc, etc. It does this to protect us from the harsh reality of the world. We are nothing but humans, but if we truly try hard enough our brain can be trained to make us believe we are something more.

 This is what we call subliminal messages. Yes, you may know them as those videos on youtube with the fun sounds that are said to make you into a vampire or get you a book that grants wishes, these are only partially true. The ones that change physical feature like bust and butt size, or even eye color can and do work, but the ones that promise to give you beautiful white fangs or stuff like that are merely just messages that make your brain only believe that’s what you are or want to be. It’s not really changing you, you can’t actually change into a dog by listening to a video for 10 minutes. 

And it doesn’t have to be a video. If you tell yourself enough times, eventually your mind will start to believe it, making you feel those things you believe is your angel wings or your fox tail, and by it’s name (phantom limbs) it is not there and never will be. 

Now to the bad part. Like I said, the human brain is amazing, but once you get it to believe something, then it’s proven wrong, it goes into meltdown mode. It will do all it can to prove that it is right, whether it be amking up false facts or just continuosly telling you that you are something you are not. This can eventually lead to a mental shutdown, which can leave the person traumatized. This can lead to depression, anxiety, and many other things. Then the brain will try its hardest to protect you even more, which only makes things worse.

Otherkin community, this is not just to tel you that you are being an idiot, this is to help you’re mental health. If you keep believing you are somethingyou are not, eventualy you will become nothing but a shell. You will live the rest of your life scared and afraid of the real world, and possibly have a very early death.

I bet this guy thinks he’s so cool.

I bet you this guy thinks he’s just done a good deed today.

I bet this guy is super proud of his post.  Like his tags say, “for our own good”.

There’s soo many trolls under the bridge now, that they ARE the bridge.

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