You know, it’s funny. I made what was probably the kindest, most civil and understanding response to this post. You can see it here, if you don’t believe me:

And I was still blocked by the OP without a single response.

I don’t think that people who say these things want any discussion. I think their goal is to start arguments, and silence anyone who tries to actually show reason and sense. I haven’t been on tumblr long, but I have seen a lot of moral posturing disguised as productive discourse. It’s disgusting to me, as a bisexual, that these people are using social justice as a vehicle for plain old rudeness. If you want to make fun of us, just do that. Don’t dress it up behind LGBTQ rights. This is concern-trolling and nothing but. That anyone would use a minority group as a smokescreen for this is childish and inappropriate.

Next time you wonder why otherkin aren’t polite to you all the time, remember things like this. Remember that no matter how nice and patient we are, we know that most of you are more concerned with your public images, and being know-it-alls, than being truthful or fair.

Over the last 20+ years I have learned this:

People who come into our communities with statements like
 “I’m genuinely curious”
 “I’m not here to offend”
 “I want to understand this”
And statements like these, over 95% of the time are trying to disarm you to maximize their trolling.   I may sound jaded but this is experience speaking from over a decade of being part and running my own otherkin communities.

The people who are misrepresenting our community by claiming to be part of it and representing it, are the same deal without the effort of getting into the community in the first place.  Remember folks, anyone can post anything and put it in whatever tag they feel like.  None of these people are interested in an actual debate or discourse about these issues, they just want to smack bees nests without getting stung.

Almost noone is going to come to us with the intention of listening to us explain what we are and how and why we exist, and have an open mind in doing so.   Humans have an innate need to see themselves as above other humans, so they come to communities like ours to “people watch”, which is to say, see people they can justify to themselves are “not as good” as they are.  They are going to troll you, to try to break you down with the same tired arguments which have been answered for decades, to call you crazy, deluded, to tell you to “get help”, etc.   Its all for their own self-esteem because they haven’t dragged themselves out of their basements yet and made something, anything of their own lives.  There are extremely rare exceptions but good luck finding them amongst the trash.