I guess i’ll give Tumblr a try on this since its not getting bit anywhere else:

I want a picture of myself based on this with the colors of my ref at : Butterfly body and wings, rainbow colored wings, fox head, fox fur and colors on the body.   Sipping nectar from the flower of the artists choice.  All reasonable quotes considered.

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Its mermay and its time.   Me in merfox form.

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きつねうどん // Kitsune Udon
These noodles are so thick… The topping is called いなり inari, and it’s a thin sheet of sweetened fried tofu. Inari is supposed to be the favorite food of the mythical fox spirit [きつね // kitsune], which is where this dish gets it name. 

The kitsune is a trickster and a shape shifter and also the reason you say “moshi moshi” when you pick up the phone—foxes can’t pronounce moshi moshi, so you know that the person on the other end is really a person. It’s like a password. (I’m almost pedantic enough to say shibboleth.)

But I’ve always wondered why the fox can’t pronounce this specific phrase—is it the mo? is it the shi? is it the combination? Could a fox manage just a single moshi? Are there other words that foxes can’t pronounce? Also, since it’s really only the person who picks up who has to say moshi moshi, couldn’t a fox avoid this by making the call for itself? If foxes can operate phones. And who am I to say they can’t?

And Japan does have a phone scam problem. It’s called ore-ore sagi [オレオレ詐欺], ore being a way of saying ‘me’ and sagi being ‘fraud’. Basically, someone calls you up saying, “It’s me, it’s me, I’m in trouble, wire me money,” and you, being old or confused or just very trusting, do as they say. There’s a huge public awareness campaign about it, but moshi moshi doesn’t seem to help…

Lifehack for all of the foxes out there, I use this one alot.

If someone on the phone says “moshi moshi” to you, respond with “moshi mochi”.   Most humans are too dumb to notice the difference and those who do, well maybe they will send you delicious ice cream balls.

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Starbucks snatching commenters edges left and right!!! While I’m still baffled but this situation, I wish more company would take better course of actions when those things happen.

Credit: Iris Muscarella

These whites are more angry about not getting a coffee than racism smh

Because it wasnt racism.

It’s still a fucking double standard and stupid reason to call the police and waste everyone’s time. There was no good reason to arrested those black men for asking to use the restroom while waiting for an associate at Starbucks. They were going to buy something when the person arrived. Like normal people do. It was an overreaction by the manager and police. White people do the same shit at Starbucks all the time but never asked to leave by management.  

You’re one to talk about double standards. You literally call for and defend double standards. And no its not a double standard, nobody is allowed to stay inside if they dont buy stuff.

“White people…blahblah… never get asked to leave…blah blah” bullshit. Ive seen it happen with my own two eyes. Ive kicked white people out of my restaurants for loitering. Guess what, thats what its called. You can probably find videos of it if you look for it (and i s2g if you google something like “white person kicked out of starbucks” and expect to get results, its proof youre beyond my help).

For 2 minutes? 2 minutes is not long enough to warrant a police call. I’ve been in line and in the restroom way longer than that many times I guess I deserved to be thrown out in cuffs lol. Starbucks CEO even stated that the black men didn’t commit any serious violation so please stop justifying your own racial bias towards black people. Besides I clicked those videos you want me to look at and the white people in the videos were kicked out for completely different reasons. Most of those white people were kicked out due to spouting racism and causing disruptions inside the establishment. Not loitering. 

Fun fact, these guys were kicked out for making a scene too if you read the report.

TBH I am perfectly fine with them shutting down Starbucks for a day to try to resolve systematic racial issues, and I hope it succeeds.  I will just make my coffee at home that morning.   I won’t even bring my business elsewhere that morning to show my support for them closing for a day to do this. 

Full disclosure:  I am white and drink Starbucks nearly every day, and pay with a Starbucks Fox Card. 🦊

What you do when Starbucks is closed:

Starbucks Fox Card:

Googling this picture made me realize theres alot more Starbucks Fox stuff to get.

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Itsa me, a BBV <3

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I finally have what I would call a presentable nude.  Slightly NSFW but tastefully so.

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This is the money fox.

By gazing upon this image you have already been blessed with fortune in the coming days.

You do not have to share or repost this image to anyone, because we’re cool like that.

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