The fae do not conform to the stereotypes humanity has given them.

Those who say “The fae are all beautiful and cute”, are wrong.  Just as the ones who say “we are all hideous and malevolent creatures”.   Those who say “The fae cannot lie,” are wrong, just as the ones who say “The fae always lie”.  Those who say “The fae want to kill you” are wrong, just as the ones who say “The fae want to keep you safe” are.  There is no “One fae way”, and looking for it is folly.

The fae are even more varied than humanity in how we interact, what feelings we have towards humanity and nature.  For we are the spirits of nature.  We can sense who are our allies and who are our destroyers.  It is hard for humans to understand us, and sometimes they feel there is deceit involved in our ways, but there isn’t.   However if you want to know if there is a secret to understanding our ways, know that the closer you are to nature, the easier it will be.

There are fae that are cute and tiny and live in your flowers.  Just as there are fae that will tower over your castles.   A “cute” and stereotypical fae may be more malevolent than you can imagine, and the old hags may save your life.   Judging us on appearance will work against you always.

There are some blogs that ignore my asks and stopped posting in the fae tags because they know I am here.  Because they want fae their way and don’t care about what is real.   They want their take on fae to be real.  But I suppose if you just want a space where things conform to your reality, go off I guess.

But for everyone else, know that we do not conform to your reality.  The moment you think you know us is the moment you find out you don’t, that there is so much more to know, and the fae will never fit into one of your boxes.