I’ve seen alot of discriminatory laws in my 40+ years of living but this is the first time i’ve ever seen a president try to legislate a class of person out of existence.

I wonder if the Imbecile in Chief realizes that he can change the “definition of gender” all he wants but we’ll still exist..  

I wonder if he realizes that the existence of gender as a spectrum rather than a binary is a scientifically established fact that won’t change just because he legislates it.

Next thing you know he’ll be introducing legislation to round Pi up to 4.   After all wouldn’t it be more convenient to society if it was a nice square number?  Same logic applies, right?

Posted by Alynna

In honor of his Space Force proposals, I propose that we make Trump an astronaut.  He can be the first person to ever land on the Sun.

Posted by Alynna