Based on a true story

Lets enter the head of the enemy for the moment. Whoever that is. I don’t actually know who wants to destroy the kin movement, I only understand why they do..

Lets say for the sake of this story (I’m not, of course) that I am part of an organization that wants to destroy all kin.. They’re a threat to the status quo, to the Great Human Machine that will produce, PRODUCE, PRODUCE from the moment they are born till they die, that they will consume, CONSUME, CONSUME almost entirely for the sake of sustaining themselves for the sake of producing.  This machine is necessary to exert power over humanity, at least the part who does not control the machine.  The ones who control the machine get all the benefits of production, minus what is required to fuel the machine.

These Otherkin threaten it.   If people start to give those ideas, those sensations, those feelings of being Other, any validity, they might start to look into themselves.  Identify themselves, find their true spirit nature,   If people start to believe that they are more than a mortal cog, being born, living and dying for serving this machine, if they start recognizing that their lives don’t start and end here, that they have a duty to themselves to grow, they might try to destroy our machine and build a world based on gasp mutual advancement, understanding, and uplifting one another.  We cannot have this!  So what to do about these otherkin?

I can’t kill them all. There’s enough of them on Earth now that it would be actual genocide and actually committing genocide against them would not only provide a sympathetic reaction, but also totally legitimize them..

I can’t take away their kinness because for any real kin it is a part of who they are, as said, “I can’t kill them’..

I can’t have them all jailed because it is not a crime to believe you’re not human, nor can I make it a crime because then it raises the issue publicly and begins down the road to legitimization..

I can’t have them all committed because then the scientific community becomes involved in finding out whether this is a mental condition, a spiritual belief, or real. In 2 of these cases I will legitimize them, and even if I had control over the scientific community enough to ensure it becomes a “mental condition” to be “cured”, that’s the best possible outcome I could hope for, and the idea that science might prove that otherkin are a real thing is too high to take that risk…

So what options do I have left?  Ahh! Heres one!

Lets control the discussion. Make otherkin look as ridiculous as possible so no one ever takes it seriously.

This is easy! Lets start with a few paid trolls. All I need is to find some people in their parents basement from 4chan who are otherwise dysfunctional to the point of unemployability, to pay minimum wage to take down this dangerous movement. Basically I need an army of losers. Already conveniently in existence..

So now I have these orgs out there. Kiwifarms, Encyclopedia Dramatica, Portal of Evil, etc, etc. 99% of my army is doing it for “the lulz” I don’t even have to pay most of my army. I don’t even need to tell them why I am doing this. All I have to do is introduce the dialog. Now they’re infiltrating the otherkin communities on their own. Looking for the ‘lulz’, the content..

They find the lulz. They laugh about it, its all great.. But the otherkin are just banning them from their communities. I’m not having the effect I thought I’d have. And they’re learning enough about themselves that they might be able to explain themselves to a wider world. Become a known social group and classification. With legitimacy. Which might lead ot others awakening to their natures… which might change the world in way not condusive to our control mechanisms. Oh fuck! What to do? WHAT DO WE DO?!

Oh wait! We have all these documented lulz about every mistake any kin has ever made in their discovery process, that the trolls collected, in anti-kin archives like Permanent Wiki, etc..

If people start thinking this is what kin are, noone will ever take them seriously, they’ll be the laughing stock of the interwebs. I know! I’ll tell the trolls to make these blogs and accounts all over the web, ‘for the lulz’.

Soon the voices of the trolls will be louder than the voices of the real otherkin out there. People will think, “this is what otherkin is”. And this part is great, they made a comparision to another movement about body dysmorphia, with the transgendered folks. We can take down two birds with one stone, lets just get them fighting, it will never end! There’ll be so much sociopolitical strife they might even put someone like Trump in office just on the promise that he will make it stop by putting all those folks who deviate from the Great Human Machine we’re building back into their proper place…

This is going better than we ever expected! There are now so many trolls out there pretending to be kin for the lulz, posting up so much ridiculous stuff, that the people who would awaken to their true selves are completely confused. They can’t find help or guidance or advice, the trolls now run blogs to ‘educate them stupid’ then laugh about it when it becomes part of who they believe they are! This is great! And all the real kin can’t get a word in. We’ve won. We’ve WON.

Now, the question this (based on a true) story raises, is, what kind of organization out there has a vested interest in ensuring the reality of non-human spiritual existence never becomes a recognized thing?

Give you a hint. Its not the scientific community. If they ever, in their experiments, accidentally stumble upon the fact that we’re real, they’ll publish it and the discussion will be over. That’s the way the scientific method works.