designer pronouns

I’d like to talk about pronouns.

Since they come up so often recently, particularly in regards to policy on my discord server.

I think first it should be stated what the function of pronouns are.   They are not necessarily for identifying the gender of the person you are talking to, but providing context in a conversation as to who is being referred to in a conversation.

I understand that because of that, there is, and should be a great deal of sensitivity as to what pronouns you use for someone, not just for the sake of acknowledging their gender, but because they are also identifying themselves as their given gender and it no longer becomes clear if you are even talking to them or about them if you use the wrong gender.

I sometimes misgender people but when I do I feel a great deal of shame about it, and try hard to correct myself.  Even if the person is being abusive to me I still feel that shame, and it is never intentional.   I do apologize and will continue to apologize to anyone that I have misgendered. 

This being said, I feel I need to clarify the second paragraph again, that pronouns are primarily for specifying the target person in a sentence.  The reason I am stressing this is because of the ever growing number of pronouns being “created” that do not serve the purpose of pronouns.

I will say straight up, that the issue of pronoun usage and gender assignment through the use of them, would be far better resolved if, instead of creating mounds of pronouns that noone knows the meaning of, and therefore never actually serves its linguistic purpose of assigning a sentence to an individual target.. to simply eliminating pronouns altogether and calling everyone by their given names.   This might seem difficult linguistically, but it can’t be any more difficult than having to form a lookup table for everyone you interact with just so you get their pronouns right.

The way pronouns are being created for use now, makes them useless for their purpose.   When you create your own pronouns, the linguistic shortcut it is supposed to represent becomes broken.   I think that if we as a society have decided that this linguistic shortcut no longer serves us because it is no longer specific enough or can be gotten wrong and offend someone, then we should move to eliminate it, eliminate pronouns entirely.

Noone needs a pronoun that refers specifically to themselves, that is what names are for.

I understand the need for alternative pronouns at this point in time in society, but as a society, we should create them, define them, even define multiple to represent different points in the non-binary spectrum, then publish them so that everyone knows what the mean and they can be properly used.  But lets not have everyone create their own set of pronouns.   Pronouns need to have a meaning to have a purpose.   If we are going to make pronouns meaningless, then once again, we should eliminate them, we can always go that route instead.

Given all of these points, I should note that I believe that the creation of pronouns that refer to ones kin-self, or ones sexual preference, or these new emoji pronouns, these are improper and patently absurd use of pronouns.   

How do you even pronounce an emoji pronoun?  Do you pronounce it by the Unicode name for it, its codepoint, or its short name?  Does everyone interpret it differently because its a picture, and then there is offense taken if the interpretation is wrong?

A kin type, a race, a species, a sexual preference, all these things being made into pronouns, make pronouns not work for their intended purpose.   At the same time, I see that in a non-binary spectrum of gender, its clear we need more than he/she/they.   I believe that we should have more pronouns for different points on the gender spectrum but we do not need them to become some new form of additional identifier for a person or class of person, we actually have other forms of that.

This is why on my Discord server we have some restrictions on pronoun assignment.  I do of course allow people to publish their alternative gender pronouns, but not the following types, because:

Your kin type, is not a gender.   It is a kin type.  If you have swallowed the Tumblr narrative that this is the otherkin way, then you have been educated stupid.  Separate rant already once posted in this blog:  Otherkin does not come from Tumblr.

Your sexual preference is not a gender.  Do you really want to be referred to in casual conversation by the type of person you prefer to be with?

Your race is not a gender and it’s probably offensive to other members of the race being used there, to hear it used like that.

Emojis are not genders. (Honestly this is the newest stupidity I have found out there and the motivator for this post).

Turning things that are nouns or proper nouns, into pronouns by adding suffixes, is a Tumblr disease and if you are doing this, please understand that on Tumblr you might look progressive for doing this but the moment you start interacting with the real world people are going to find it, and you, to be educated stupid.

TL;DR: We either need defined, meaningful pronouns or we need to eliminate pronouns.   Pronouns that are too specific, refers to things that are already nouns, or are damn emoji?  Are dumb.

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Ew I touched shit

*cough* op’s entire blog *cough*

Real original. Now, question. Why did you tag your reblog with all your transmed tags? It has nothing to do with the topic and it won’t show up in the search results.

-A Curious Mod Lazarus

Kinnies claim they’re trans all the time my dude

Therefore it’s related

…I regret to inform you that you have been speaking to trolls. No legitimate otherkin believe they are trans because of their otherkinity.

-Mod Lazarus

Why do mogais and kinnies always cover their ears and go “it’s a troll” when confronted with how ridiculous some of their community gets

Because it’s a troll?? You’re just really bad at identifying trolls my dude.

-Mod Lazarus


Cite your sources. 😀 

Here ya go boo

please oh lord deliver grim from this amateur’s vast naivety. 

– Grim


I’d give you a slow clap for how much of an absolute idiot you are, but I don’t want to make you feel as though you’re being belittled. 

So– let me get this all straight.

You think a well-known troll blog that posts pride flags for terms like sapiosexual and metrosexual and made up terms like “frustrosexual” is, for lack of a better term, valid. You 100% support this blog and its posts as entirely real, true, and legitimate. From spectrosexual (wanting to fuck ghosts) to Nyctosexual (wanting to fuck the dark, as in, the actual lack of light) to Ecogender (your gender is somehow reflective of your local ecology, you think those are all genuine LGBT identities or LGBT identities proposed and created in 100% complete seriousness, with no ulterior motive. 

You also pretty heavily focus on “kingender,” something which has been debunked as having no basis in the both the otherkin community nor LGBT community. This has been known as a farce by the greater otherkin community for literal years and I’d hope that anyone with a brain larger than a pea could be able to figure out that .

So because you’re a gullible moron who can’t be bothered to do any actual research into a community, you want to say that all otherkin are trans or consider themselves trans because they’re otherkin or some other horseshit.

That sound about right? Sweet, now, let’s go over where you went wrong in your commentary and criticism. 

First off: plenty of otherkin are trans. Now, here’s a lesson in being trans! Since I clearly need to lay this out for you, because you somehow don’t already know this already–despite claiming to be trans yourself. If someone is trans….that says virtually nothing else about them beyond the fact that they’re trans. it means they probably experience dysphoria and that they may or may not be in the process of transitioning. But beyond that? Zip. Zero. Nada. If someone happens to be otherkin and trans, that does not mean that somehow, specifically for that person and that person alone who calls themself trans, that those identities intercept in any way. It doesn’t mean that the person calls themself trans because they’re otherkin. Much in the same way that the fact that you have the critical thinking skills of a 13 year old doesn’t have any relation to you being trans. Is it a part of your identitiy? Sure. Is your inability to think your way out of a paper bag what defines you as trans? Probably not. 

Second: If you looked at the greater otherkin community and even just, oh, I don’t know, the basic definition of the word “otherkin” in the first place, you’d easily realize that otherkinity has no inherent relationship to gender. Nor sexuality. Nor romantic attraction. Nor whatever the hell else the kids are talking about these days, since I can’t be bothered to keep up with that crap closely. Anyone who claims otherwise is talking out their ass, a language I’m sure you’re proficient in.

Third: As someone who is trans and also otherkin, let me be the first–though undoubtedly not the last–to inform you that you’re not only wrong, but you’re also fucking stupid. Have you ever experienced dysphoria, by any chance? It’s one hell of a bitch to deal with, and with the way you can just completely ignore and dismiss my dysphoria and others in attempting to claim our identities manifest in different (and impossible) ways than they actually do….well, I just have to wonder how much of a transmed you actually are. I just have to raise an eyebrow at someone who claims to be transmedical and then goes on to tell people with dysphoria that their dysphoria isn’t the actual reason they’re trans. 

-Mod Halcyon

I’m sorry, but those are definitely not troll blogs. I wish they were. A lot of my otherkin followers wish they were. But they are 100% not. They’re basically two cornerstones of the modern MOGAI movement. And it’s not the fault of @transmedical-boy that those sites so badly misrepresent both what it is to be trans and what it is to be otherkin. You don’t need to nastily spell out what being trans is or what otherkinism is supposed to be. We all know. The point is, these blogs don’t care what the actual meaning of any word is–they delight in playing fast and loose with objective reality. 

“You think a well-known troll blog that posts pride flags for terms like sapiosexual and metrosexual and made up terms like “frustrosexual” is, for lack of a better term, valid. You 100% support this blog and its posts as entirely real, true, and legitimate. From spectrosexual (wanting to fuck ghosts) to Nyctosexual (wanting to fuck the dark, as in, the actual lack of light) to Ecogender (your gender is somehow reflective of your local ecology, you think those are all genuine LGBT identities or LGBT identities proposed and created in 100% complete seriousness, with no ulterior motive.”

Way to misrepresent what’s being said here. THey aren’t supporting MOGAI. They aren’t saying the terms are real, true, or legit. They’re saying that there are people who think these things. Those people are wrong, but they exist, and they are really harming both the otherkin and LGBT communities. 

If you want to keep insisting that these aren’t trolls, you need a better argument than  “well, their words are stupid and the otherkin community at large doesn’t accept kingender as legit.” A lot of the LGBT community doesn’t accept MOGAI as legit, either, but that doesn’t make them any less sincere in their promotion of dumb genders and sexualities. Wishing something to not be serious doesn’t change the fact that it is. Give me hard evidence that these people are trolls. 

Some of those blogs are troll blogs.  Some of them are tumblrkin who think this is what otherkin is, as taught by the troll blogs, some may be exploring their identity but thanks to the narrative on this site, don’t know any better..

But all of them have one thing in common.  They are all wrong.  None of them represent what otherkin is.  Real otherkin do not Approve Their Message.  You can get on their case all you want for all I care, but do not equate otherkin to their message.  There are no designer pronouns here.

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