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There is no verb form of “kin”. You cannot “kin with something”, and “kinning” is not a thing.

The question of whether or not it’s “okay to kin with that” should never even be asked, because it’s not possible to “kin with that” in the first place. You either are a thing or you are not. It is involuntary. Ask instead (at all times) whether or not your words and actions at any given moment may be harmful to anyone else.

Otherkin is who and what we are, not something we do. It is not an action because it is not a choice.

And if you are “kin with” something that means you are their relative. I am not “kin with” dragons. I am a dragon. I am kin with my cousin.

eat my shit susan. i hope you get curb stomped

How very eloquent. You have a real gift. Rarely have I seen such marvelous command of the English language, such clever and creative prose.

How can I possibly disagree after you’ve so thoroughly proven your point? Truly I have seen the error of my ways.

You don’t at all sound like an angry Tumblrkin with no argument at all who stoops to ham handed personal attacks because you’re enraged at being called out for something you know is true. Well done.

Now if anyone has anything intelligent to say I’d be happy to have an actual discussion about the topic. I’d DM this person if they hadn’t blocked me to avoid hearing my response.

I haven’t been a part of otherkin communities for a long time. (Much suppression on my part.) What I’ve seen on tumblr so far has me really dumbfounded. Do real gatherings and conversations happen anymore?

Yes. You just have to know where to look. There’s a list of good blogs in my FAQ somewhere or other. I think it’s in the otherkin masterpost.

Can I just get down with the OP @dovewithscales for a moment and say as someone who has been kin for over 20 years that…


These people who think you see something and then “kin with it” have absolutely no idea what being otherkin is.  You are born otherkin, it is something that is a life affector, not a life choice.   The process of discovering what you are is part of a life path, and very often its one you instinctually know you’re on before you even know there is a word for it.

I am not saying its impossible that you can’t become otherkin during your life, but this whole thing about “kinning with X” is outside the definition of otherkin.  You will feel your kintype from within, not get it from an external source.  What you are is part of you, it can’t choose you and you can’t choose it, you can only discover it as a part of what you are.

TL;DR Tumblr/Internet PLEASE stop equating “otherkin” with “permission to take on X identity as a persona”.  You aren’t getting it.  If you really feel you “identify as something”, then take the time to stop and figure out why, and when you have, THEN come out as otherkin.   You owe this introspection mostly to yourself, to thine own self be true, if not to anyone else.