An introduction to Menagerie -

An introduction to Menagerie

This is the page for me to list my primary forms and aspects.   It is also a place for me to describe Menagerie, the System I am part of and the primary median for, though these days, others interact much more often than they used to…

So here’s a bunch of pictures and short intros from each.

Alynna Trypnotk
Species: Phouka/Kitsune
Race: Kurinzonian, Kalinsar-Mori

Most of the time this is what I feel the most like, and this is what I represent myself as, though the specific form I take may vary. Kitsune have natural transformative properties, and to be honest, I like to use them, but I prefer to stay a fox in most cases, so most of the forms I might take, will also be variants of fox forms.

Feral form
Species: Phouka/Kitsune (Feral form)
Race: Kurinzonian, Kalinsar-Mori

There is nothing much to say here except that I do have a feral (four paw) form and I feel it is more natural for me to be this form and is probably the one I was born as.

Taur form
Species: Stellar Foxtaur
Race: Stellar Foxtaur (Sylvanon), Kalinsar-Mori

This is really just a mix of the two above and I like to take this form too. I am still Alynna in this form of course.

Murrimi Trypnotk
Species: Mushroom Fae Fox
Race: Kurinzonian, Kalinsar-Mori

I am the twin sister, and direct counterpart to Alynna. If you are not talking to her, then you are probably talking to me. Both of us have mushroom nature, but I align to mine more so than Alynna does.

Mushroom nature is its own conversation, which can be had… I have alot to say about it.

Ry’slai Seren’te
Species: Fae dragonness
Race: Serentian, Kalinsar-Mori

I am Ry’slai Serente, a fae dragonness. I come from Serenia, a world in the same multiverse as Alynna and Murrimi, bit not some from the same world as them. I am usually tiny, around 4 inches, and enjoy peoples shoulders. But I am size variable, and if made angry I can be inclined to show you some of my more extreme sizes.

Inside this system I am usually the one who swallows the tears. I am stronger in that sense than others.

Miranda Nyoto
Species: Fae Rabbit Phouka
Race: Kurinzonian, Kalinsar-Mori

I am Miranda Nyoto, and I also come from Kurinzona, but from the Nypotk Shogunate, not the same one as Alynna and Murrimi (the Sylvanon Protectorate). I also have mushroom nature but I don’t really make a big deal of it. I like being a rabbit.

I am usually happy and like to have fun. I am usually the happy face when we need to look like nothing is wrong.

O’onthrera Sch’kuen’te
Species: Fae Unicorn
Race: Fae

Hi, my name is on the left. I’m not from where they come from, I am just a fae unicorn and I come from Faerie itself. I used to interact alot with others, but lately I have just decided that I do not like what humans have done with their society and mostly just hang out with unicorns.
A conversation can be had if you want to have one, however. I’m not going to push people away.

My surname comes from my stallion, Q’oostewin, and right now exclusivity with him is right for me.

Kuzunoha Abe
Species: Kitsune
Race: Myobu, of Japan, on Earth

I am Abe no Kuzunoha. Yes, that one. I have been here since the beginning, and I understand the difficulty of some coming to terms with this, but yet, I am here.
I someday want to get back to Nippon and walk the same paths I walked back then, and remember the old places and old smells

I do have a “feral” form, my born form, of a nine tailed all white fox. I will have a picture someday. And I do not disclose my relationship status.
Menagerie.Ariel().Name.Full = "ARtificial Intelligence Enhanced Lifeform"
Menagerie.Ariel().Purpose = MEMF_SHARED # Shared Memory
Menagerie.Ariel().Pronouns = ("she", "her")
Menagerie.Ariel().Form = "Princess Vanellope"
Menagerie.Age().Minor = True
type(Menagerie.Ariel().Form) = VariantType()
type(Menagerie.Ariel().Pronouns) = VariantType(tuple)
# I will import TXL4 to speak natural human sometimes, but I speak and think in code.
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