While I was considering ways to try to filter through people coming to the servers and channels I run, I came to an interesting idea that I think works and I do want to share it.

Part of an intro should be a single life experience that one attributes to otherkin or therianthropy, or an instinctual response to a kin/therian situation that indicates one responds to it differently than a human would.

I will give a prime example that applies to myself.

When most humans think of a hen house and chicken coop, will think about raising chickens and collecting eggs.

When I think about it, I think about going in there and coming out with a chicken’s neck in my mouth.  

I don’t DO it, because, I know i’m physically human and it won’t turn out the same way it would if I were physically a fox, but my mind, goes there first.

In my minds eye I see myself as a fox, doing fox things, It is extra effort for me to do things the ‘human accepted way’ and there are many mental constructs I have for translating my first instinct to a proper human action.  However I manage to do so anyway and fit myself into this human life.

It is examples like these that I think provides some evidence of a ‘difference’ between the human and therian/otherkin mind.

And TL;DR: in the future when people join my therian or otherkin communities, I will be asking for this, just one situation in ones life that one can attribute to therian or otherkin nature.   I don’t think it is too much to ask, and I don’t think the trolls can do it, or will do it because its a tantamount admission to something they are trying to troll.