The Fae Speak:

Posts claiming Fae Aesthetics are airy pink dresses, sparkly lip gloss, little scratches on your knees, giggling, and picking buttercups … aren’t aesthetics about Fae. Those are aesthetics for Lolita or ‘little’ lifestyles.

Not all fae are the same. We are as varied as humans. And just like humans, singular fae do not speak for us all.

As fae it distresses me somewhat that one person claims to speak for all of us.  It also makes me wonder why I don’t get any say in what we are, either.

This being said I agree somewhat with the sentiment.  The “cute aspect” of fae are somewhat of a minority element, it does exist out there, mostly as a Seelie thing (and not to presume that all Seelie are ‘cute’ either, or even a majority, but its not non-existent).  

On the other paw, this ‘cute and frilly aspect’ is non-existent amongst the Unseelie and rare in nature and other courts.  Its mostly a Seelie thing, where it even exists amongst them.

TL;DR: You can’t put Fae into a basket, theres not just one type of fae, just like there isn’t one type of human.  You wouldn’t make these kinds of generalizations about humans, soo..


Posted by Alynna