While I was considering ways to try to filter through people coming to the servers and channels I run, I came to an interesting idea that I think works and I do want to share it.

Part of an intro should be a single life experience that one attributes to otherkin or therianthropy, or an instinctual response to a kin/therian situation that indicates one responds to it differently than a human would.

I will give a prime example that applies to myself.

When most humans think of a hen house and chicken coop, will think about raising chickens and collecting eggs.

When I think about it, I think about going in there and coming out with a chicken’s neck in my mouth.  

I don’t DO it, because, I know i’m physically human and it won’t turn out the same way it would if I were physically a fox, but my mind, goes there first.

In my minds eye I see myself as a fox, doing fox things, It is extra effort for me to do things the ‘human accepted way’ and there are many mental constructs I have for translating my first instinct to a proper human action.  However I manage to do so anyway and fit myself into this human life.

It is examples like these that I think provides some evidence of a ‘difference’ between the human and therian/otherkin mind.

And TL;DR: in the future when people join my therian or otherkin communities, I will be asking for this, just one situation in ones life that one can attribute to therian or otherkin nature.   I don’t think it is too much to ask, and I don’t think the trolls can do it, or will do it because its a tantamount admission to something they are trying to troll. 

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Trying this again

So I realize what I previous post sounded to blunt for some people so I’m going to try this again.

For the record I’m just trying to see what other people’s opinions are on the subject. Who knows maybe my mind will be changed.

If your kin type is an animal that does not exist, you are not a therian. Yes or no?

If you have a kin type that doesn’t exist like a blue dog or a dragon you are called an other in? Yes or no?

I too are going to try this again.

The color of the animal doesn’t really make a difference.   Today we can genetically alter cats to make them glow in the dark.   So if someone was a glowing cat *before* this happened, does that mean they weren’t therian until now?

Your line of reasoning and exclusion goes down a very deep rabbit hole of assumption as to what existed before and what might exist in the future.

The only qualifier to qualify someone as therian, is if they identify as a type of animal that has been known to exist on Earth.   And being a different color or being a hybrid with another animal does not remove that label IF they still have the therianthropic attributes of that animal.

And once again it is still possible to be both otherkin and therian.

Please don’t continue down the elitist road.

P.S.  I should also note that it was actually through exploring my own fox nature that I discovered furry and I identified as therian first.  

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Questions and asks open

So i’m gonna change how I do tumblr because i’ve discovered people in general who have asks open, get them, but I rarely do, and I’d actually like to answer questions for folks.

I am not sure how to get more visible on tumblr, but I typically don’t fill my posts with tags and I think that in order for people to know i’m out here, i’m going to have to start doing that.

So this is just a reminder post that my blog is open and people can chat and ask stuff, typically I will answer questions about 

foxes, therianthropy, otherkin, fae, kitsune, phouka, Fae Courts, magick, energy work, animism, and spirits and other spiritual concepts.

I’m open to talk about other things at all, but trolls will simply be ignored and blocked, because I want to focus on answering sincere questions.   You can also read back on this blog to see what I generally think and feel about things.

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