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i told ya we’ve canceled discourse n we’ve moved on to homesteading skills

it’s just choppin wood and harvesting vegetables and herbs from here on out


unironically this

Please hit me with more homesteading concept drawings

Good reference material here.

My brain during sane hours of the day: “I have a good job with benefits, a stable social network with supportive friends and family, and I’m a nerd who thrives on advanced technology. Also, I dislike the taste of fish.”

My brain on Tumblr at 3:30am: “Y’know, abandoning all technology and leaving civilization behind looks like a lot of fun! And I could teach the kids how to build a fish trap!”

Reblogging, these are important and useful tips to survive the inevitable Trumpocalypse

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Shakira Law

Do we start with:

1. The fact that this is clearly supposed to be the One Ring from Lord of the Rings

2. “Shakira Law”

3. The implication that children either know arabic or will become muslims by eating a donut.

4. “Free Islamic Donut”

5. or that starbucks is giving kids weird donuts for free and expects there to be no questions about the intricate writing.

One donut to fool them all 

6. Starbucks doesn’t sell donuts

There is one and only one shakira law.
1. Thou hips shalt not lie

How do you fuck up this bad

The closest they have to a doughnut is a fritter.

Shakira’s law is to “Try everything” everyone knows that.   

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Coping with Species Dysphoria


I was asked a long time ago now to provide whatever resources I have on coping with species dysphoria (*I’ve also included a resource on coping with past life memories and exotrauma; geared toward actually treating trauma symptoms), and I feel genuinely bad it took me so long to get round to it. I think it’s really important to have a good collection of coping resources in one place, and especially for the one who asked, so here you go, here’s what I could conjure up in the past hour or two:

Coping Ideas for the Aquatics by Aquasarious of House of Chimeras

Coping with and Control of Therianthropy by RagdollTherian

Manifest Beastie by Ozenwolf

Balancing Fingers and Pinions by Mahksi 

Your Optimal Functionality by Mahksi

Finding a Therapist by Mahksi

Coping with Past Lives: Articles and Sources by Makhsi *

The Anorexic Animal: Therianthropy and Eating Disorders (Includes a long thread with multiple perspectives on coping with disorders that intersect with one’s nonhuman identity and discussion on how this is avoided as a topic in the communities)

On the design of foreleg extensions and quadrupedal costumes by Orion Scribner

If anyone has more resources on coping with species dysphoria or other mental health problems related to alterhuman, and especially nonhuman identity, please feel free to reblog with more links and information!

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you know what would be nice

being able to help mod another otherkin or therian blog rather than having to start yet another one myself

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Me, only a fox.

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I’ve been seeing a lot of threat posts lately and honestly? Fuck that shit.
People could have made nice posts but no – y’all gotta go and give people anxiety.
No-one needs to reblog bupkis.

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People who:

a) resent attempts to manipulate them into reblogging a post. 

b) have no desire to pass that manipulation on to their followers.

+1 Agree

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Where to begin with all this

Sometimes I purposely have headphones in with no actual music to stop people from trying to talk to me. Enraging.

I had to stop reading. this made my brain hurt. if she has head phones leave her alone. if she is me leave me alone always and forever

This is rape culture

Verbal rape is now a thing I guess.

This is called being a prick, it’s not rape though, grow the hell up.

I have to say this is pretty scary and disgusting.   It looks like its written by an incel that believes they are owed the attention of a woman.

Please note if someone engages in this form of interaction with me, I will kick them in the nuts so hard they’ll vomit them up.

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