do u guys find this video creepy or cute bc i think thats a big personality indicator

this is literally the worst thing i’ve seen all day

All of you people hating on vib ribbon make me sick!

Anyone who hates on vib ribbon unfriend and do not interact

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Please, never let this meme die.

This is the best one I’ve seen so far

What kind of quantum fucking memeing from 2056 are you people beaming to us

As long as Doc Brown and Marty are bringing us memes from the distant future could I also get a Playstation 13?

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You have been blessed by the Forest Gods. You will now have good luck for the next 6 months, simply by seeing this post. You are also protected from Slender Man, Bloody Mary and Jeff the Killer. You DO NOT NEED to reblog this post, you are already Protected. This being said, do not feel discouraged, you are free to reblog this if you wish.

In short, we present IMMUNITY STAGS.

I literally just accidentally read a post about a haunted hospital. This was amazing timing.

I just want majestic deer on my dash…..

Nature and water.

Reblogged just because it told me I didn’t have to.

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