I see people complaining about tumblrkin, and how we need to “get rid of the bad members of our community”, but I rarely see these fabled beings. Are they real, or just glorified strawmen?


They are very real, but they’re in no way ‘bad members’ or malicious. They’re misinformed, perhaps a bit naïve, and, more often than not, new to the community. Fluffy ‘kin deserve all the same respect and decency with which you would treat any other person. But we also owe it to the rest of the community to give them a kind (if sometimes stern) explanation of what they might’ve misunderstood about otherkinity and how this all works.

Pushing people away from perhaps the only community they can fully relate to helps absolutely no one, but neither does ignoring fluff. It’s about finding the balance between acceptance and education.

I would have to say that it is actually a mix of trolls being so prevalent on tumblr (making thousands of kin blogs with designer genders and pronouns and dozens of kintypes) that they are defining otherkin for a generation, and then the legit kin out there who see only these examples on tumblr and running with it.   It’s making being otherkin very difficult right now.

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Anti-vaxxers are hilarious.

While it is true that it might be able to cause genetic changes, the chances are ridiculously low, and even lower within that for those changes to be noticeable.

Why am I giving a genuine response to a screenshot of an idiot’s post, an idiot that not only wouldn’t take me seriously but also will never see this because the post I’m replying to is on my side? Because it’s been a long day, and I do stupid things when I’m bored.


Vaccines made therians and otherkin.   Its SCIENCE.  Or maybe Psience.  I don’t know.   Take that anti-kin.   Its in my fox dena. 

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Questions and asks open

So i’m gonna change how I do tumblr because i’ve discovered people in general who have asks open, get them, but I rarely do, and I’d actually like to answer questions for folks.

I am not sure how to get more visible on tumblr, but I typically don’t fill my posts with tags and I think that in order for people to know i’m out here, i’m going to have to start doing that.

So this is just a reminder post that my blog is open and people can chat and ask stuff, typically I will answer questions about 

foxes, therianthropy, otherkin, fae, kitsune, phouka, Fae Courts, magick, energy work, animism, and spirits and other spiritual concepts.

I’m open to talk about other things at all, but trolls will simply be ignored and blocked, because I want to focus on answering sincere questions.   You can also read back on this blog to see what I generally think and feel about things.

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