Almost Feel Bad…


I almost feel bad for people who don’t believe in otherkin (almost) because while otherkin can have talks with demons, angels, gods, planets, an abundance of animals, etc non-believers are just stuck in mundane lives only able to talk to humans (or what they believe to be humans). I just feel like otherkin lives can be filled with so much fun, and adventures whereas non-believers lives are filled with only aspects brought on by humans. And yes otherkin face endless struggles from society and even themselves but I’m just pointing out a bright side to being otherkin. Never be ashamed of who you are, because being who you are is one of the greatest gifts in life.

TBH any witch worth their salt can have also have talks with nature and supernatural beings.  Some humans are magickally awakened as well.   It just happens to be more prevalent amongst otherkin because its basically a trait of what we are. 

Additionally, otherkin find a greater level of acceptance amongst pagans and witches and are more likely to have beliefs that lie within wiccan or pagan systems, and its no coincidence.   Theres a direct correlation between being otherkin and having an awareness of the spiritual world, that mirrors the same correlation amongst witches. 

Posted by Alynna