fuck every democrat who says the issue of trans rights is a “distraction.” fuck every single liberal who say that the threat of stripping every trans person of legal recognition is a red herring or a losing issue and if we focus on it too long we’ll throw the election. we’re talking about human rights, access to medical care, sex education, discrimination, citizenship, and a whole lot else, for millions of people.

trans people aren’t a “distraction.” we’re human beings. the fact that so many liberals turn their backs on trans people is fucking despicable.

They are saying that the issue of trans rights is a “distraction” because it literally is.  Trump pulls an assinine policy like this out of his ass whenever some news is going to come out about the Muller investigation.

This being said, that doesn’t mean that the Democrats in general don’t care about the issue, because in general they do.  They just don’t think yet he is serious (because of his pattern of doing this kind of “distraction thing” before).

This also being said, that doesn’t mean that he won’t (try to) do it, so stay diligent and vigilant, everyone.  I honestly believe that Trump saves the issues most controversial for times like these, but they are still issues he intends to act on.