warning to faekin









using a saved url to this since i don’t want my main attached to this. this will be long but it needs to be done.

there is an 18+ public faekin server out there, and i joined and was treated with some of the most disrespect i’ve ever seen.

i will post a screenshot of the info post shortly.

i joined about a week ago. however, i didn’t have any problems until last night and today. there was a discussion about spirit animals, and me, a native american, said they were exclusive to native culture because someone asked if they were. the server owner proceeded to start a fight that lasted all of the night while i was asleep and most of this morning. the owner is a 40 white person, and she bulled and harassed me, a native teenager for two days. why? cause i called them out for their appropriation and racism.

she sent many of the mods to insult and harass me while i was offline and later asleep, but things came to a head in the morning. at 2 in the morning, one of the mods wrote an 8 paragraph message and tagged me. that message was one of the most disrespectful things anyone has ever said to me. unfortunately i wasn’t able to take screnshots before i was kicked.

the mod called me “too sensitive to function” for having triggers and because the convo the night before made me feel uncomfortable and unsafe. they also told me i must have cognitive abnormalities because i disagreed with them.

later, the owner once again started to harass me. she said many racist things to and about me, the most notable being that white people had it harder than native people cause all the bad things that happened to native people in the past (not true as anyone who reads the news knows) and that white irish people’s suffering was greater because they are irish.

this is where the people harassing me devolved into name calling and insults. i was in class at the time, which i said 3 times during the convo. yet i was insulted and harassed for not dropping everything i was doing and catering to the owner’s every whim. she demanded sources about why non native people having spirit animals was racist, and guilt tripped me when i told her again that i was in class and couldn’t do that until i got home.

i went away to go do classwork, and when i came back i had been kicked.

a friend showed me screenshots of what was happening, and i was being insulted even further. the owner still continued to throw a fit about the subject, making it all about white people again.

this is a warning not to join the server if you have any kind of differing opinion from the mods. i had seen them harass someone for having neopronouns and forced them to change faer intro to more “acceptable pronouns” as well. this server is full of bigots and aggressors. for your own safety, do not join. spread this. make sure they don’t get away with how they treated me.

I was on this server for a while and hot damn do I wish I had screencaps, but the owner said stuff like she believes that autism is caused by Neanderthal genes because she once saw someone say they saw a “study” about it, but the “study” in question is an abhorrent mess of some ableist dipshit not-even-accredited guy just making up shit he found reasonable, and she got extremely aggressive and acted victimized when I brought out the actual study; applauded someone doing a ritual to make them stop caring about humanity; talked constantly about how she views the world in strongly Us vs. Them terms, including saying really uncomfortable things about how old people should just die already so that they can stop being in the way of social change; and legitimately believes that the government is out to secretly suppress/harm otherkin for…some…reason. And has a HUGE hateboner for the concept of appropriation, no matter how sacred something is, it had better be open for white people to dick with however they want, or she’s gonna be mad about it!

She’ll argue with you for hours and call you uneducated if your take on any kind of mythology is even a little different than hers, because she’s some kind of authority in her own mind and will shout you down if she doesn’t like your kintype for any reason. Even though most of her information is UPG…she’s just gotta be the final word in everything. Less serious, and more open to interpretation because obviously kintypes aren’t a provable thing, but it’s still disrespectful and shows what a control freak she is.

Honestly between the owner and a few white knights it’s damn near a cult in there. You don’t get to have a different opinion, even if you can back it up with research. You don’t get to voice any kind of dissent or discomfort, because she’s right, and why are you attacking her like this? It’s honestly pretty vile. I am fucking starving for somewhere to talk about otherkin stuff with reasonable adults, but I wouldn’t go back here if it were the last server on Earth, because the reasonable adults are harassed into silence or off the server, and then shit-talked behind their backs, and it’s run by someone who is both paranoid and lacking in normal empathy.

They check an alarming number of boxes on the checklist of cult traits, some of them fully, some of them partially, but a simple Discord server should not be checking off any of these boxes.

I ain’t even afraid to say this with my name on it. It’s all true. You can join the server if you really need receipts for yourself, I swear you’re not going to find anything different from what I said. DO NOT RAID THEM, that isn’t called for and I don’t want to hear of anybody doing that, but the proof is all there in a publicly-posted link that isn’t actually hard to find.

another account from a person victimized by the owner

Victimized is such a strong word. I showed the owner their shit stank and left when it was clear that she had no intention of cleaning it up. I don’t consider myself a victim in any sense, I am much harder to actually harm than that, but I am speaking out because others are more vulnerable and this place can be actively harmful to them.

Case in point, when she said that nonsense about autism there were several autistic members present who were too intimidated to speak up about it, and felt very grossed-out and threatened by being compared to literal cavemen and the implications of them having “less-evolved genes” or something equally horrid and ableist and eugenics-ish. I, however, am a belligerent little shit with no fucks to give and went to bat over it. If I recall, the most that she begrudgingly and defensively conceded was that she would drop the subject and that she didn’t mean any harm, but she never acknowledged that she DID do harm anyway, regardless of misguided (or willfully ignorant) intent. It was all about her and how bad I made her feel for ‘attacking’ her for her ‘belief.’

She really does not care about anything but her own feelings of victimization that I saw in my time there.

If you wanna make shit up, Go join Kiwifarms.

Hardly my issue if she deleted shit once it came to light. Alanna openly stated that she believed autistic individuals were autistic due to Neanderthal DNA.

My statement stands and I stand by it. When I was on it, that server was depressing, cult-like, and awful. Also, I’m blocking you now, bye.

Actually, I am unblocking you, because you should know better and ought to see this reply. You’re A Tanuki., right? You were a participant in the conversation yourself, if so. It’s still there and searching a keyword that wasn’t actually used because I paraphrased for my post? Not your best.

There’s more but this is the meat of it. When shown – very politely and non-confrontationally, I would add – that her ‘science’ was backed up by a single and incredibly dubious ‘study’ that wasn’t even a study, just some guy making unfounded and occasionally strangely fetishy assumptions about both autistics and Neanderthals, she played the victim, and even after having it explained to her why her assertions were making actually autistic members uncomfortable, she didn’t really persist or take anything back.

Two autistic members did in fact DM me afterwards to thank me for standing up for them, because they were literally afraid to speak up. That is not the mark of a safe or healthy environment. Neither is accusing me of making up a thing that actually occurred. But I mean, it’s not my problem if you wanna dig your own hole.

I’m not playing this game past this point. The Faekin server, in my entire experience with it, has been a toxic place, with toxic leadership, and I stand by that statement unless some extreme changes have taken place…which if this is any indication, they have not.

I’m… I’m seeing an earnest discussion. I’m not seeing any victimization or shame. I’m not seeing any disrespect. As I have said before here and elsewhere, I’m on the spectrum and struggle with feeling alien among people constantly.

This post, these screenshots, these messages are not being taken down or hidden because they are not offensive.

Alynna herself is autistic, this is at worst, her reaching out for meaning and origin for the conditions placed on her from birth.

If you distilled this conversation down to “She called autistic people caveman” then you discarded quite a bit to arrive at that conclusion.

So… Who fed you these screenshots? You were not on the server on August 7th, 2018. I do not mind this particular leak as all context was provided and I feel the conclusion one reaches from them will be genuine for that person’s ability, however, I am concerned that there is a leak.

There are a number of folks on this server who do not feel their spirituality is for recording and sharing outside that circle. This sort of leak does far more to raise feelings of being unsafe them the content of that leak ever could.

After all, I’d not have found your blog if I myself did not get PMs expressing feelings of not being safe, likely more PMs then you received.

TBH here, i’m going to let the conversation speak for itself, and I am alright with them being a part of the public record.   I never compared autistic folks to “cavemen” in this conversation and it is proven by the very conversation posted above.  If anything, it is you all (afniel and other banned crew) making that connection.

I do believe, and will continue to maintain as a belief, that the autistic mind and the neurotypical mind are different due to a long-standing genetic difference that probably goes back to when there were more distinct genetic versions of humanity.   I do not believe, nor does the evidence support, the idea that autism and neuro-atypicality just appeared in the last 100 years.  But it is not me labeling one inferior to the other, which can be seen by anyone who reads your screenshot dump.  

There is no implication, in the entire conversation, that one brain type or the other, is the result of “less evolved genes”.  That is an assumption you are making and reveals your own prejudices.  Nor did I put these things forward as facts, I strictly used the word ‘believe’ across the entire conversation.   I was opening a dialog about things I felt might be true based on my own observations of people, and from having read some things about it.

As for the rest of your claims that boil down to “tl;dr i’m running a cult” I mean I really don’t even know where to start on knocking down such falsehoods, since I really don’t know how to argue against lies.   If it all comes down to “I don’t accept the claims of people who claim to have 45 kintypes or claim to be gods or to physically shapeshift”, and that translates to “I only accept the kintypes I believe in” or some shit like that, then I guess i’m guilty as charged, but I honestly think anyone who reads my actual conversations, even the one above, will arrive to different conclusions.

If the internet has taught me anything in the last 20 years is that no matter what one does there will always be haters.  So, go off I guess.