I never get any of the cool bots



He dead

What is this creepypasta shit? I’m so confused.

@nick-nocturn you got anything on this?

This is very easy to explain for those of the “other than human persuasion”.  What you are seeing is an example of meta-rampancy.

Meta-rampancy is when machines incapable or not programmed to determine the difference from sentient being and non-sentient AI, starts interacting in a space where both hang out.   This is amplified when the algorithms are trying to appear to be a ‘sentient being’ like a human.

As both sentient and non-sentient feedback is absorbed into the learning algorithms, the routines get confused.  Particularly in an environment like tumblr where accounts are half bots and half humans.  But since the humans have the heuristic intelligence to detect bots, they usually cut them off, and the bots instead start interacting with eachother in extended conversations where neither are sentient, both are trying to reach winning condition, both think they are winning, and both save the data they fed back into eachother as positive responses.

Resulting in bots which, when they reach a sentient being, respond with content that is uncanny, peculiar, and surreal, but leave you wondering if they are a bot going terribly wrong or the result of a psychotic mind.

If you want to see an even more extreme example of this, this time on Youtube Kids, I present this article.   This is also an example of meta-rampancy and what it produces visually is startling.

I have intentionally broken the link so that Tumblr’s own algorithms do not pick it up, and for the mental safety and stability of my readers.  Paste this into a browser tab at your own risk.