if you’re irish and you complain about britain “erasing culture” but can’t even speak the language/ don’t know shit about ireland before 1910 then just shut your cakehole nobody cares

Them being Irish and not being able to speak the language/not knowing shit about Ireland before 1910 is a direct result of Britain erasing culture, you goddamn Vitamin D-deficient circus clown

It’s like how every year during Maori language week, some grotty piece of unrefrigerated stilton asks why do we spend so much money on a language less than 3% of the country speaks when the answer is that we are only one generation away from the time when teachers used to beat children for speaking te reo at school

People like the OP are the reason I am afraid to talk much about my culture and heritage.  Because Irish are now deemed white, we’re not allowed to have a culture.