Shapeshifting Subliminals

I haven’t talked to many Therians/Otherkin about their opinions of subliminals so I can’t make a assumption on what you guys may think about what I’m about to say but I will say please stick with me on this and if you have any questions or arguments to share feel free to comment

I found that listening to shape shifting subliminals for wolves in particular have helped me feel closer to my wolf self making me feel more wolf-like well I haven’t had Any physical shifting symptoms or have physical-shifted while listening to these I have had stronger shifts in a way of mental shifts and Phantom shifts and other such shifts that Therians/Otherkin experience

I would recommend listening to subliminals for your Theriotype/Kintype not for physical shifting or any of that but for feeling closer to your animal self

These can be recommended all day long and they will probably help ones dysphoria a bit, or maybe even alot.   Just keep in mind that they’re not going to cause you to physically shift.