so why the fuck do we shame poor people for giving themselves little luxuries like starbucks and second-hand designer purses but nobody says a damn thing about rich people wasting extravagant amounts of money on gold-plated toilet seats and shit?? if you have so much extra fucking money that you’re spending it on a third sports car you may as well donate it to someone who really needs it. why the FUCK does society try to shame poor people for not wanting to be miserable all the time but turns a blind eye to rich fucks squandering huge amounts of money on useless shit. why. 

We actually do shame the rich for this.  The only people who don’t shame people for doing this kind of stuff are people who are also rich.

The rich have a mentality that it is not enough to simply “have”, others must “not have” as well, because if everyone “has”, then being rich is not special, it is not a “better class” that labels its members as “better people”.

The dirty secret is, the people who have the most power to solve poverty, the people with the actual money, do not actually want to solve poverty.  They want to have people to look down upon.