Something I noticed that was very prevalent in Lupa’s Field Guide to Otherkin that I don’t often see talked about in the community was the notion that one could identify as kin on multiple levels.

Just because you believe you are spiritually kin (through reincarnation, walk-ins, etc.) doesn’t mean you can’t look at yourself through a psychological lens as well. I’ve personally found said advice very helpful and reassuring, as I feel I am spiritually-based but also find a lot of parallels and possible dragon influences on my psyche through my upbringing, but always felt like I was betraying my beliefs by entertaining psychological notions while believing I had a spiritual origin.

I’ve also noticed that she relies heavily on Jungian psychology to explain some other types of being ‘kin that are no longer talked about in the community – for example, the idea of being kin through a personal mythology origin, an archetype, an energetic resonance, etc. I recommend doing some research into this area for anyone still searching to find a possible origin..

Yessss, I’m really not a huge fan of the psychological/spiritual dichonomy, the whole this OR that thing. Why not both? Or neither? And the idea of personal mythology in regards to non-human identity is really intriguing to me and something I’d love to see talked about more. Lupa wrote these two posts (here and here) about just that and it’s a good read.

I personally believe that kinness has both spiritual and psychological aspects, at least it does for me, but I know how they got separated in the community.   Both sides wanted to feel more valid than the other.