“nice” homophobes are still homophobes. religious homophobes are still homophobes. homophobes who swear up and down they aren’t homophobes but dont “condone the lgbt lifestyle” are still homophobes

its 2018, no more excuses. you either support us 100% or you dont at all.

On the other hand, fuck off. Some people have a genuine belief that being gay will send you to hell. (No I’m not talking about that one line in the Bible, I’m talking about shit like the Mormon church where the Prophet is a direct spokesman for god and cas condemned it.)

If these people say nothing and do nothing to you, say nothing and do nothing to any person, and only support and love you they are doing a good service. The fact that they believe you are going to hell means they don’t 100% support you, sure. But these people have no other choice, they believe a power greater than themselves has spoken and inherently they cannot change that.

Saying you have to believe certain things to be unproblematic is why there is such division – we should be judged for our actions.

did this person rly just cite mormons as a gotcha

“homophobia is bad”

Did this person just justify religious discrimination of LGBT folks, as if they have no choice in what to believe, under the blog name “rational-discourse”?   Its smelling like Russian Troll Blog in here folks..