playwrights: write plays about otherkin

radio dramatists: write radio plays about otherkin

psychologists: do studies about otherkin

religious studies experts: write papers about otherkin

conventions: have panels about otherkin

otherkin: extensively document their history

tumblr: but otherkin isn’t a thing

I have literally never heard of otherkin outside Tumblr, what the fuck are you going on about

Check those handy links. Then you will have literally heard of otherkin outside Tumblr.

Otherkin: existed before tumblr

Tumblr users: this is only a tumblr thing wtf

Link includes more history on otherkin (specifically the therian community and unicorn community, as well as a history of plantkin online)  –


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Yeah… its such a tumblr thing and has only existed for a few years…  

Otherkin: Post a small list of how otherkin as a phenomenon predates tumblr, exists outside of tumblr, and has been acknowledged as a thing that exists by academic sources. 

Tumblr Users: "I have literally never heard of otherkin outside Tumblr, what the fuck are you going on about"

Has Tumblr been around for 20 years?  No?  Then sorry.