It really annoys me that there are furries calling themselves therian. You can not be a blue German Shepard. You can be a German Shepard and still call your self a therian. But if youre blue it isn’t right. I’m sorry. I also don’t understand why therians where fur suits. Wtf? This ain’t correct.

I mean, I assume therians would wear fursuits for the same reason anyone would – to have fun. I know that’s the reason I (otherkin, though not therian) want a fursuit. I also know some therians and otherkin wear tails/ears/etc to relieve species dysphoria or just to express their alterhumanity.

I see we’ve come full circle to the elitist and exclusionary attitudes that made otherkin what it is today…

The OP (and everyone liking and reblogging the OP without a rebuttal) doesn’t really have a clue what therianthropy is.  While your “theriotype” does have something to do with it, it has more to do with therianthropic experiences that therians have (like having similar instincts, feelings, and sensations that the animal would have).   You can be therian and not even know what you are yet.

You can also be therian and otherkin and still call yourself a therian.  

To be honest I don’t know yet if OP is a troll, but either way, can’t let OPs post stand uncontested.

Oh, also, lots of therians fursuit just for the relief and release from dysphoria it brings, if only temporary and partial.   It is nice to be seen and interacted with as who we really are, and barring some serious advances in genetic or nanotech techonologies, its not like we can just go out and get some surgeries/treatments to fix it, so let us have our fursuits kthx.