My gender according to me: FtM

My gender in Tumblr’s terms: Abimegender, Aethergender, Antigirl, Aptugender, Autogender, Boyflux, Cocoongender, Coigender, Corugender, Fawngender, Fuzzgender, Healegender, Illusogender, Lamingender , Leogender, Liberique, Mascfluid, Nanogender, Neurogender, Nobifluid, Pixelgender, Preciogender, Salugender, Spesgender, Surgender, Systemfluid, Traumatgender, Vibragender.

I should sit down and work out my mogai cringe gender casserole, but I know it would just make me mad. Neurogenders and aesthetigenders and obtusegenders and shit

I’m just genderfluid but there’s also like 90 terms that they would call me and none of them have any purpose other than trying to make people feel special, it annoys me.

I swear most of these are made up words with -gender, -flux, or -fluid attached…