Ew I touched shit

*cough* op’s entire blog *cough*

Real original. Now, question. Why did you tag your reblog with all your transmed tags? It has nothing to do with the topic and it won’t show up in the search results.

-A Curious Mod Lazarus

Kinnies claim they’re trans all the time my dude

Therefore it’s related

…I regret to inform you that you have been speaking to trolls. No legitimate otherkin believe they are trans because of their otherkinity.

-Mod Lazarus

Why do mogais and kinnies always cover their ears and go “it’s a troll” when confronted with how ridiculous some of their community gets

Because it’s a troll?? You’re just really bad at identifying trolls my dude.

-Mod Lazarus


Cite your sources. 😀 

Here ya go boo

please oh lord deliver grim from this amateur’s vast naivety. 

– Grim

@anti-kin-cringe @transmedical-boy @antikinnies-are-the-real-cringe

No True Kin places Any Stock in the Gender Conflations with Otherkin thus Specified Above. 

I do believe that many tumblrkin do conflate gender and kinness but this is because they have learned about otherkin from troll blogs.

People who do this have no idea what otherkin really is.  I would like to inform all that otherkin predates all these gender and orientation politics.   It was NOT born on tumblr.  It was born long before Tumblr was.  Some people are trans and otherkin, but one is not directly connected to the other.   You can be trans without being otherkin and be otherkin without being trans.  Its not very hard to get.

Every time the two are conflated it damages the legitimacy of both as a concept, and the people who are doing it are either trolls or tumblrkin or trenderkin that do not know any better.