Hey, sorry if this is rude, but how do you differentiate yourself from “I identify as attack helicopter” type people? I know that you are not doing that, but is there anything that prevents them from taking advantage of your blog?



Well I would differentiate myself because I am trans, and nonbinary, and im not making fun of valid identities, but rather joking about my own identity or calling out harmful or overly specific identities.
“Attack helicopter” people typically rely on people actually identifying as inanimate objects or non-genders for their analogy to work, if they use this blog as ammo for their transphobia then its safe to just make fun of them for being ridiculous and not getting the joke.

Yeah, I think it’s important that we draw attention to those kinds of things, they tend to stop nonbinary people from being taken seriously. You’d be surprised at the negative impact “attack helicopter” gender shit has had on my life.

Don’t people know the whole attack helicopter thing was a troll to begin with?  How did the attack helicopter trope become the basis of a trope, to the point where there are now ‘attack helicopter people’ using it in an argument?