Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by quietly remembering that Native Americans sent more aid to Ireland during the famine than Britain or the US.

specifically, it was the Choctaw nation that sent aid to the Irish during the famine

1.  “more aid to ireland during the famine than britain” okay let’s clear this up, again– there was no famine, it was a genocide, commited specifically by the british.  ireland was literally packed with food.  the only crop that failed was the potato crop.  the british had no problem with ships FULL OF FOOD leaving british ports on british ships from ireland to other places to make money.  IT.  WAS.  NOT.  A.  FAMINE.  IT.  WAS.  A.  GENOCIDE.   and that probably explains why britain didn’t “send aid”.  britain was literally using the “famine” they manufactured to clear the land of indigenous irish people.

2.  which lends poignancy and power to the attempt by the choctaw nation to send food to starving irish people. 

3.  there was much fanfair about this in the british press at the time, because of course the british government was lying to its own people about what they were doing.  it’s convenient to blame natural disasters like “famine” when in fact it is mass murder– kinda like what’s going on in yemen right now.  but to conclude, what didn’t receive a lot of fanfair in the british press is the fact that much of the corn and other food the choctaw nation attempted to send did not go to starving irish people, it was essentially hijacked and went to feed british pigs and livestock.

4.  which is why every saint patrick’s day we remember the genocide (one of many the british attempted in ireland) of black ‘47.  and we always remember the native americans who responded in such good will and with such generosity to starving people an ocean away from them.

As full blooded Irish person (and fae folk) i’m going to just put this out there.

There is absolutely nothing for the Irish to celebrate on Saint Patricks day.  St Patrick’s work was more about erasing our native culture (what you might call Celtic or even Pagan these days) and replacing it with British Christianity.

St Patrick’s “work” eventually lead to religious terrorism that proceeded well into last century and the IRA was still bombing people over it in my lifetime.

+1 agree with the above post too, Irish people were abused by many groups in so many different ways, and noone gives a crap because we’re white.  If I dare try to talk about it though, I will be shouted at and beaten down here on tumblr, so i’m going to take the gutless option and not do so.

Still I have this for my fellow Irish, go ahead and wear green and drink hardy in pride of our people, but not one bit for St. Patrick.  He’s not part of our culture, never was.  He was the beginning of the end of our culture.  If you want to know who we really are, you have to look well before him.

Also a shout-out to the Native Americans who helped us when noone else gave a shit.