I believe I am fae. A close friend who is a wolf has told me I am and I’ve always felt that but he has raised the subject again. How do you know?


Writer Speaks:

This is a hard question for me to answer do to personal reasons as the writer … because I also was told by a close friend offline who is a wolf that I am Fae… 

… but there’s something that I can’t explain that sits uncomfortably about that, and I think that’s the Fae I’m channeling talking to me. I believe I am definitely touched by the Fae, that’s obvious. They are here and I can tell this Fae is protective of me and likes me. I think he has even adopted himself into my family… But to say, I am Fae .. something about that seems a little blasphemous to the reality of the Fae. (remember, this is not tinkerbell medieval aesthetic land or a whimsical fantasy one wants to disappear into because they ‘feel different’) 

Fae are VERY real.

From what I’m getting from the Fae, is that most Fae do not take human lives. (meaning be incarnated as one.) They are too apart of nature and energy for that. That kind of thing would be suffocating to a Fae and binding. Binds kill Fae. Living a human life and being trapped in that body and societal life of a job, and school, and bills would be painful and sickening to a Fae (literally) – who is free in all aspects of being.

That’s the truth that I hear. I know as this writer, that’s going to upset some people to hear, but it’s the truth that I hear. I’m not saying it’s not possible, but that would be a painfully miserable, sickening life for a pure Fae. 

I honestly don’t think most would do it. There’s also no reason to. Nature does not need to bow to a human thing. Nature just wil do and is. Humans are not that ‘big’.

I’m tempted to think that wolves may very well be able to ‘smell’ out those who are very close to fae and touched by them in deep connective ways.

But who knows. I’m only channeling them. -grins- 😉

(sorry lol they made me. I’ll be good … maybe.)

@otherlycreatures​ I guess I should answer this, as fae ..

First of all, the sheer number of fae out there should not be underestimated.   If there were 10 billion people on Earth and even one of every million fae decided for some reason they wanted to ‘try incarnation as human’, it would still be enough fae to put one in every single human body out there, and that is just the fae within the etherical range of this solar system.  While amongst the fae this might be relatively rare, the numbers involved suggest it should not be seen as totally unusual on Earth.  

Secondly, Changelings are a thing.  Well documented, on both sides.  The reasons for changelings being ‘left’ are pretty numerous, but I think too much so to get into here.  It was more common in the olden times to bring fae into this world that way.  These days, due to a number of factors, not limited to human advancements.. that wouldn’t work out.  That being said, fae-kin are effectively changelings for all intents and purposes.   Changelings aren’t a type of fae in and of themselves, they are called that because a ‘human’ has been changed out for a ‘fae’, and those can be any type of fae.  

Regarding us feeling trapped, restricted, bound even, well yes, I do.   There are still reasons to do it sometimes.  I don’t want to get into mine, at least not publically.  But I can tell you some of what it feels like for a fae.  Biggest thing, is that things are going too slow.  Being physically human isn’t that huge of an impediment, its not inherently painful, but there is a constant longing in my life to get back to being what I was before.  I never feel right in this body, indeed it feels way too large in general.  My spiritual frame of reference stops long before my body does.  

Human societial norms and expectations are another thing.  You are right to mention the soul-searing grind that humans both call and have mistaken for, progress.  It attributes to alot of boredom in my life, I only recently found a line of work that seems to have enough variance in day to day duties to not put me to sleep.  I think most incarnated fae use sleep to deal with this critical ‘boredom’ because it is an easy way to get back to the fae realms for a little while at least.   Outlets to be fae again probably keep us sane.   The weird thing is that humans not only live this way, but call it progress.  I previously thought the Seelie were the kings and queens of unnecessary social protocol, but conforming to the rules and societial expectations that humans have made for themselves is enough to make the Seelie blush.  

It is heartening to see that you see fae as a part of nature.  Many humans and their storytellers try to write lore about us that makes us look like more like them.    And you are right about one thing most of all.  Fae are very real.   If it means anything to your argument here, this is likely my first time as a human, and likely my last.   I have a few reasons to be here, but if such reasons come up again I think i’m going to be like, screw it it isn’t worth it.

TL;DR:  Yes its possible for someone to be an incarnated fae.   Just.. don’t expect this to free you from having to act human or anything.