*Jumps up pf down in excitement* Who is ready for a Kin Pride!



Because it is fucking coming down the chute at us.

This years first inaugral Kin Pride Day is/will be OCTOBER 24. You can post, lots, make art, change your Icon, get into that Kin Pride Day spirit and really celebrate how great it is to have lived and known so many lives before, and that you will all live so many afterward.

Tagging what you do contribute with #Kin Pride Day

Celebrate with L.A.A and join us please on 24TH OF OCTBER!

-Mod Luc

Y’all don’t remember the hell that came out of Kin Pride Month? Do you not remember the post I made about this that is still, still, getting notes almost daily? Let me just say it here: this is not necessary, otherkin push out enough art, inspirational quotes, stories, memories, etc. This is seriously not needed. Please. Knock it off. Most of us are already proud enough and it’s offensive as hell to begin with that you’re calling this whole thing “pride”. This failed once, and for damn good reason.

I’m gonna put the whole thing about ‘why do we need a kin pride day’ to the side for now, because its not so bad if its gonna be just a single day… but why the 24th?  Honestly it should be pushed alot closer to, but not after, Samhain, like the 29th or 30th.  Who came up with this date?