Speaking of cultural appropriation, there is a two-story shop in my country that sells Chinese goodies, including parts of their culture(fans and etc). They don’t get angry about you buying it(most of the staff is Chinese, btw). They’d be happy to hear one say sth in their language, even if it doesn’t sound correct. They are BEYOND ok with the things tumblr is so pissed over.



Definitely. My brother has studied in China, is currently studying for his master’s degree in Taiwan, stayed in Chinese communities in Italy and Peru after undergrad, and is basically fluent in Mandarin. Diaspora Chinese people of all ages are generally delighted when they learn this.

I have literally never met a non-white person upset about cultural appropriation.

I’m starting to wonder if this whole “cultural appropriation politics” thing isn’t about “disrespecting other cultures” and more about “purifying other cultures” by shaming anyone who would dare deign to learn about and participate in another culture. 

There’s something incredibly insidious about this whole thing.  I understand the whole “you should not claim to be X if you have not participated or been accepted into X” thing, but the idea that different cultures can’t have and use the same names for the ideas and concepts they share and that we must treat things that are common between cultures as different things just because they are from other cultures, even when functionally and by nature they are not…

Its just insidious, its upsetting, it is something that makes me angry when I see it, because its creating artificial divisions, its not allowing us to recognize and acknowledge commonalities, and its driving our cultures apart.   Its creating hate for its own sake.

The sad part is I can’t talk about any examples of this without being called out as a bigot of some kind, so I won’t.   Its just sad that humanity seems to want to embrace hate and division these days.