Kinphobia is not real.

As an otherkin, I know that kinphobia is not real.

You can be hated for being otherkin. You can be shunned for being otherkin. You can be harassed for being otherkin. You can be bullied for being otherkin. You can be insulted for being otherkin.

But ! Otherkin ! Are ! Not ! Oppressed !

You can’t get killed for being otherkin. You can’t get massacred for being otherkin. You can’t be denied basic human rights for being otherkin. There have been no terror attacks on otherkin.

Therefore, the hatred and bullying of otherkin should not be called ‘kinphobia’. Kinphobia is not real.

Did definitions change when I was not looking?

The suffix -phobia means “to fear” or “to be afraid of”.   It is disconnected from the oppression of what it is suffixing. 

Are arachnophobes oppressing spiders?   Do hydrophobes oppress water?

I agree whole-heartedly that otherkin are not oppressed.  But that does not mean that people who bully, harass, shun, etc, them, are not kinphobic.  What do you suppose the motivations are to do these things?  For fun, or profit?   Or do they simply attack what they do not understand?  And is that not the same root reason that people attack LGBT people?   Because they fear it because it is different?

I realize that more and more people are misusing the -phobia suffix.  It doesn’t mean what they think it means.  I mean, do we call ISIS and Al-qadea “Ameriphobic” (among other things)? Yet they kill and oppress.

Or is this all selective redefinition of suffixes established for hundreds of years?

Please everyone, lets not do this.