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Primary forms and aspects

This is the page for me to list my primary forms and aspects.  When interacting with forms, really it is just me (a fae fox) taking a different form, and is not a different person.   Other aspects of me may have different names, however.  I am not a traditional multiple system, I think the term being used for it is median now.  Anyway, here I am..


Most of the time this is what I feel the most like, and this is what I represent myself as, though the specific form I take may vary.
Kitsune have natural transformative properties, and to be honest, I like to use them, but I prefer to stay a fox in most cases, so most of the forms I might take, will also be variants of fox forms.








I actually prefer the non-anthro form (also known as feral) of myself because it feels more foxlike, and therefore makes me feel closer to myself, but I also understand it can be hard to interact with.

This is the form that I believe I was actually “born as”.







I don’t remember when the idea of being a taur became appealing, but I do feel that it often combines the best traits of both forms, so sometimes, this is the form I take.

It may have something to do, however, with the aspect below.







The most common aspect of me that might be ‘out’ that isn’t fox form, is unicorn.  I have spent a number of lifetimes in a form, similar to this, and I suppose it impressed upon me enough to stick.

It is a strong enough aspect of me that sometimes I feel more unicorn than fox, but those times are uncommon. This aspect of me either is called O’onthrera or Ranebo, I will answer to either.





When I just started out searching and introspecting I really didn’t have a clue as to what I was, but when I encountered dragons I identified with them strongly.   I know that I have spent a number of lifetimes as a dragonness, and I am certain that some dragon aspect remains with me, but I just don’t feel it nearly as strongly as I did in the 90’s.  At the same time, I cannot dismiss it entirely.  In my introspections and meditations, I consistently saw a draconic form like this one.  Lately it seems to be somewhat stronger. I was called Ry’slai in this form

This being said i’m never certain if taking a different form might awaken some other aspect, but its been 20+ years and it doesn’t happen often.